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[A Deadly Invitation Review Netflix] Copying everything from ‘Knives Out’ but much weaker in the script.

A Deadly Invitation


In summary, it’s a murder mystery in the same vein as ‘Knives Out,’ But the quality of the script is much lower. However, it’s still enjoyable to watch if viewers don’t expect too much from it

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  • it’s a murder mystery in the same vein as ‘Knives Out


  • The quality of the script is not very good.
  • The characters in the story lack interesting roles in the beginning.
  • The solution is so detailed that it’s hard to believe.

A Deadly Invitation An original Netflix movie from Mexico, a female podcast host has to solve a murder mystery on a luxurious yacht where 8 special guests have been invited to gather, and everyone has their own secrets.
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A Deadly Invitation Review (No Spoilers)

A murder mystery film in the same style as ‘Knives Out ‘ is making a comeback and gaining popularity in various countries. This is one such story from Mexico that deliberately incorporates many elements, making it seem like a’Knives Out. However, it’s not as straightforward because the crucial part isn’t just the exterior appearance; it’s the complexity of the story.

While this genre mainly revolves around piecing together clues from each character’s testimonies and the closed setting, this film tries to mimic the initial setup but falls short later on. Even when it comes to detailed interrogations, it rushes through these scenes and doesn’t engage the audience in critical thinking. This ultimately affects the resolution, as it feels like the story was already set to conclude without providing adequate hints or clues for viewers to decipher beforehand. Although the concluding explanations tie up all loose ends, it lacks the depth needed to make the detective’s unraveling of the mystery truly satisfying, leaving the audience feeling somewhat disconnected from the intricate storytelling.


In this story, the detective claims by a famous true-crime podcast, making her a character who is clever but not a traditional detective. While the narrative allows for the belief that she’s skilled, as most of the characters in the story are familiar with her, it’s not sufficient because she has never directly investigated a murder before, especially when it involves her sister. However, the movie simplifies things to an extent that feels excessive. Her sister’s death becomes merely one victim of a single murder, even though the comedic detective theme may not require a serious take on the investigation.


The characters in this story have good distinctive qualities, but the story doesn’t delve deep enough initially for the audience to understand the characters well, And it doesn’t make everyone fall under suspicion in the murder case equally either. This makes them turn into rather generic characters, but one standout is the young yoga teacher from India. The story sets him up quite well, and he is the most distinctive character in the story.

But the good thing is that the movie still tells a story using a plot structure similar to “Knives Out.” It starts with everyone coming together by invitation, then there’s a death, followed by interrogations, and a long, unraveling mystery towards the end. It simplifies and presents all the events in a straightforward manner, which is enough to provide entertainment for viewers who don’t want to think too much.


In summary, it’s a murder mystery in the same vein as ‘Knives Out,’ But the quality of the script is much lower. However, it’s still enjoyable to watch if viewers don’t expect too much from it

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