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[Blood & Gold Review] A very entertaining Nazi-killing action movie.

Blood & Gold


It is an action-packed German film set in the chaotic backdrop of post-war Nazi Germany. It shares a similar style to the film “Inglourious Basterds” but on a smaller scale. Created by German filmmakers, it is incredibly entertaining and engaging. Every moment of the film is filled with thrilling action scenes. Each character has a prominent and compelling role, keeping the audience guessing about what will happen next. The comedy is sharp and satirical, adding an amusing and provocative twist to the Nazi narrative. The film also doesn’t forget to address the plight of the Jewish people, but this time it is the work of German villagers themselves, a perspective not often seen in other films. It is an unexpected in the action genre on Netflix, and I highly recommend not to miss it!

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  • The action scenes throughout the film are thrilling and enjoyable.
  • There are plenty of sharp and witty comedic moments.
  • Each character is given a standout role on average.


  • There are some moments in the film that may seem illogical or unreasonable, following the style of comedy films.

Blood & Gold  The German action film from Netflix tells the story of the near-end of World War II, where a German soldier flees the army in search of his daughter. However, he must join forces with a local village girl who leads a resistance group of Nazis hunting for gold in this village.
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Blood & Gold Review (No spoilers)

The hilarious and action-packed German comedy film that delivers a rollercoaster of emotions is set in a small village with a hidden treasure. It revolves around a group of SS soldiers from the Nazi regime who are determined to find the gold, hoping to escape the war with their ill-gotten gains. However, the village turns into a chaotic frenzy, not only with the Nazi soldiers searching for the treasure but also with the German villagers themselves vying for the gold. The main protagonist, a soldier named Heinrich, is forced to join forces with Elsa, a local village girl seeking revenge against this group of German Nazis. The village becomes a battlefield filled with numerous characters and multiple motives, creating an entertaining from beginning to end.

The film brilliantly distributes multiple equally captivating characters. Each main character has their own sharp and distinctive personality, making them all stand out. The action scenes are meticulously choreographed, providing an immensely enjoyable experience, especially during the brutal and intense fight sequences. It’s not just about using guns; the characters ingeniously utilize their surroundings to deal with their enemies, such as stuffing gold bars into someone’s mouth or impaling adversaries with household objects. The film seamlessly transitions from one action-packed scene to another, maintaining a smooth flow throughout the entire story. The relentless pursuit and killing of the Nazis and the fierce competition among the villagers to seize the hidden gold create an enchanting and entertaining narrative. It’s a fun and thrilling ride.

Furthermore, as a film centered around the Nazis, it doesn’t forget to incorporate the story of the Jewish people. It serves as the starting point for the hidden treasure, where the Jewish family in this village becomes victims of the villagers themselves. When the war begins, the Germans, who have been indoctrinated with hatred towards Jews, take advantage of this situation to seize everything the Jews have. Although the film is predominantly an action genre, it still manages to subtly insert this tragic aspect of the Holocaust. Moreover, knowing that this is an authentic German film makes it even more poignant, as it shows that the film doesn’t shy away from addressing the atrocities committed by ordinary Germans who treated the Jewish people no differently than the Nazi soldiers themselves.

In terms of comedy, the film successfully inserts witty and sarcastic humor that satirizes the Nazis every time. It cleverly writes comedic scenes that twist the plot and defy expectations, especially in the final act where different characters compete for the gold, and some unexpected individuals who shouldn’t have survived. The film manages to find humorous and biting moments, ultimately turning it into a dark comedy in the end.

Overall, it is an incredibly impressive action film on Netflix. I highly recommend not to miss it.


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