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[Castlevania Nocturne Review Netflix] Vampires combined with a very ordinary French Revolution storyline.

Castlevania Nocturne


The 8-episode animation series, each episode being just 25 minutes long, concludes with a cliffhanger and leaves room for more. The storyline is directly inspired by the game but has several modifications and additions. It’s more suitable for viewers who are already familiar with the basic plot of Castlevania rather than newcomers. The animation quality is good, staying true to the in-game characters and offering smooth movements. However, the storyline that references the French Revolution in France is not intense at all. making the series enjoyable mainly for its action scenes.

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  • Adapted directly from the game.
  • Changed the New team.
  • Exciting and fun action scenes.
  • The animation work is of high quality.
  • Secret Character is Well-known.


  • The French Revolution storyline is not portrayed intensively.
  • Flashback scenes for characters are lengthy.

Castlevania Nocturne The legendary vampire hunters from a popular game return for a remake, this time as an original Netflix animated series. When vampires emerge in France during the period when the populace is gathering for a revolution to seize power from the aristocracy, a young boy from a legendary vampire hunter clan joins forces with them to help in the revolution alongside the people.

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Castlevania Nocturne Review (No Spoilers)

An animated series from the West, which adapts the storyline of Konami’s game, Castlevania, is the creation of and a new team that continues the legacy from the previous four seasons available on Netflix. Those who have played the game or are familiar with the story will understand that this series takes vampires as the central antagonists in every installment, but it’s not a Dracula. Instead, it presents with the Belmont family, wielders of the whip, as the main characters tasked with hunting down vampires in every times.

Since this matter is based on a long-running game, there is almost no introduction to these elements. This may make people who have never played the game before not understand. Even though the storyline is new and everything starts fresh, there is no explanation for these things at all. This is considered a mistake for new fans who want to follow this series because there is bound to be confusion.


However, for those who are already familiar with Castlevania, there is no issue at all. The story begins much like in every installment: there is an evil vampire that appears, and a new member of the Belmont clan emerges. This time, it’s a teenager named Richter Belmont , who lost his mother in a battle with vampires when he was a child, causing him to lose his magical powers. He is joined by several other characters who are also summoners and wizards, forming a team to combat vampires in this installment set in France. The story is loosely tied to the events of the French Revolution, with the main characters siding with the common people against the nobility who collaborate with the vampires. While the idea of incorporating political elements into the narrative is good, the story only skims the surface and doesn’t delve deep enough to evoke any meaningful emotions. It serves more as a backdrop to the vampire-hunting action.

Furthermore, the storyline attempts to delve into the past and explain the origins of each character in the team, which doesn’t seem very necessary as it takes up an entire episode for each character. Even though these episodes contribute to the current storyline, they can feel somewhat tedious because viewers are more interested in the present-day action and battles. However, one intriguing aspect is the introduction of a vampire antagonist who is somewhat ambiguous in terms of allegiances. This character is Gay and a complicated , as help and serve as an adversary to Richter, having killed his mother when he was a child.

The good part is that the various combat scenes in this animation are not designed with repetitive character appearances like many Netflix productions in the later episodes, which seem to use the same character designs for every show. This one still faithfully translates the style from the game and looks visually appealing. The movements are smooth, making the combat scenes enjoyable. It’s exciting to see the protagonist’s expert use of ice magic whip and there are also several other mage characters with different spells. Towards the end, there are small surprises and the beloved characters from Castlevania that everyone knows well, along with the original voice actors.


The series consists of 8 episodes, each lasting only 25 minutes, which is quite short. However, the story doesn’t conclude within this season and continues, making it intriguing and worth following. Although the plot may not be exceptionally great, it’s still enjoyable.


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