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[CHUPA Review] A fantasy children’s movie that uses animals from Mexican legends to sell cuteness.



Overall, the movie is a fantasy children’s film that uses animals from Mexican folklore as its selling point. It follows a successful formula that is easy for children to watch and enjoy, with good-quality CG effects. However, it may not be as appealing to adults.

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  • The children’s fantasy movie features animals from Mexican folklore,
  • the CG animation is well done at a children’s movie level.


  • Tell a story about a recipe for success like a child

CHUPA The children’s fantasy movie on Netflix, about a young boy named Alex who unexpectedly befriends a new companion during his visit to Mexico with his family. When he meets a Chupacabra that was secretly living in his grandfather’s storage, Alex and his siblings embark on a grand adventure to help the mythical creature and other beings from legends.

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CHUPA Review

This children’s movie utilizes animals from Mexican folklore in a successful formula for children ages 7+. It tells a simple story about a rare animal hunter who encounters and separates a Chupacabra from its mother. Before the young protagonist from America who came to stay with his grandfather and siblings meets the creature, a bear-bird hybrid that feeds on goat blood and instantly heals its wounds, as if possessing a magical fragment within its body that attracts human villains to hunt it down with tranquilizers. The plot is straightforward and not particularly thrilling, but it invokes sympathy for the small creature that is relentlessly hunted down (although only with tranquilizer guns).

The story also attempts to address the issue of Alex’s dislike of Mexico because he was bullied by his friends at school in America. After coming to Mexico and meeting his grandfather, a former wrestler, Alex becomes forgetful and unfocused, like he has ALZHEIMER. His grandfather teaches him to take pride in who he is, and the events of the story, including the encounter with the Chupacabra who separated a mother and child, lead Alex to realize that this is the family he should be proud of, not reject like he initially wanted to.

The CG used in almost the entire film for the Chupacabra character, both the small and large versions, is cute and well-made for a children’s movie, but there are still some visible issues with CG integration in some scenes.


By and large, the movie is considered suitable for children as it is easy and enjoyable to watch without anything too complicated. However, it may not be very interesting for adults.

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