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[Drops of God Review Apple TV+] The battle for the wine inheritance with superhuman skills (no spoilers).

Drops of God


The renowned manga-based series, “Drops of God,” revolves around the inheritance of the Wine between two protagonists. It follows the journey of a gifted young man whose abilities stem from his diligent training and a prodigious heiress who possesses inherent wine-tasting talents. The series excels in portraying the intricate nature of wine, delving into its origins and various blends. Merely by smelling it, the characters can unravel a story that resembles a beautiful work of art. The plot takes viewers deep into the world of wine, filled with unusual elements. However, the story progresses slowly, gradually building up to its climactic point, which beautifully captures the essence of the title, “Drops of God.” It is an impressively impactful series that concludes with great satisfaction on Apple TV+.

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  • The series is based on a famous manga.
  • The depiction of wine tasting in the series is remarkably captivating.
  • The actors skillfully convey emotions.
  • The characters in the story can fluently speak multiple languages.
  • The series utilizes diverse locations around the world.


  • The story unfolds at a slow pace, with minimal cliffhangers between episodes.

Drops of God The The Apple TV+ series, consisting of 8 episodes, is an adaptation of a popular Japanese manga from 2004 by writer Tadashi Agi. It tells the story of an intense battle for the inheritance of a prestigious and valuable wine cellar. The rivalry unfolds between the true heiress and Genius students.
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Drops of God Review Apple TV+

The original manga that inspired this series gained immense popularity by incorporating rare and elusive wines into the storytelling. It was able to depict the aroma and taste of wine in a way that surpassed the abilities of professional critics. The manga’s success played a significant role in boosting the sales of the wines featured in the story. When adapted into a series format, the narrative surrounding wines became even more immersive and captivating. This is a major highlight of the series, as viewers get to experience wine reviews that beautifully explore the various elements and ingredients. It presents itself as a visual artwork accompanied by music that stimulates the imagination, allowing even non-wine drinkers to appreciate the exquisite wine descriptions presented in the series, which are executed exceptionally and beautifully.

he true essence of the story lies in the intense competition between Camille, the true heiress, and Genius Japanese students. This competition becomes a major news event in the wine industry, as it showcases a battle between the origin of wine in France and the Japanese contender. Both characters are central to the story, with Camille, portrayed by Fleur Geffrier, facing the challenge of being unable to consume alcohol. Instead, she relies on her sense of smell to describe the flavors of wine. The series portrays her innate gift that has been present since birth, but also explores the psychological barriers imposed upon her during her childhood by her father. The narrative gradually delves into various events from her past, aiming to unravel and free her from those psychological barriers.

Her rival is Issei Tomine, portrayed byTomohisa Yamashita, The heir of a wealthy Japanese family. He was offered the opportunity to compete for the inheritance alongside Camille. However, his decision to participate in the competition resulted in him being cut off from his family. They viewed the wine industry as merely a hobby, while Issei devoted himself entirely to it, forsaking the path his family had planned for him. Additionally, this competition serves as a test to prove his abilities and establish his presence in the wine industry.

The story revolves around various competition games designed to test both characters. The main focus is on guessing the origin of wines from around the world, leading them to seek out mysterious wines as the challenges in each stage. Camille embarks on a global journey with her team of assistants, who help her quickly understand the wine industry since she had no previous involvement with wine after her mother separated from her father when she was young.

On the other hand, Issei’s role involves uncovering the truth about his family’s story, which leads him to discover the complex secrets related to the wine tasting competition. Unlike Camille, he doesn’t possess innate abilities. Instead, he excels through rigorous training to achieve his current skill level. This sets the stage for a battle between natural talent and acquired expertise, making it unpredictable for viewers to guess the outcome.


The fact that the protagonist, Camille, was modified from a Japanese character to a French character adds an interesting dynamic to the story, as the characters in the series speak multiple languages, primarily English, French, and Japanese. The characters seamlessly switch between languages, but their dialogue flows smoothly. Additionally, the Japanese characters in the series are portrayed as being proficient in speaking English and French accurately. This series, derived from Japanese manga, has successfully elevated its quality to an international level.

The story concludes in a complete and impressive manner, with an explanation of the meaning behind the title “Drops of God.” It is a series that leaves a strong and lasting impression on Apple TV+.


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