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[Extraction 2 Review] The sequel film the same action-packed standards as the original.

Extraction 2


The sequel remains packed with thrilling action scenes, just like before, and opens with a spectacular long take sequence lasting over 20 minutes, which is truly mind-blowing. It’s unlike anything seen before. However, the incorporation of the storyline for the later action scenes feels somewhat illogical. There’s an increased focus on Tyler’s personal problems, However, it doesn’t evoke much emotion., as the audience want action scenes only.

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  • The action scene long take lasting over 20 minutes.
  • There is an increased presence of supporting characters to aid Tyler’s role.


  • the incorporation of the storyline for the later action scenes feels somewhat illogical.

Extraction 2 The highly action-packed sequel film starring Chris Hemsworth on Netflix maintains the original production team, with director and the brothers writing the script. The story continues from the conclusion of the first installment, where the indestructible Tyler Rake miraculously survives and is given a new mission to rescue a hostage from prison in the country of Georgia, which is connected to his former wife’s past.

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Extraction 2 Review

The film maintains its high-intensity action sequences, packed with explosive excitement in the same style as before. It opens with a thrilling long take action scene, as the protagonist infiltrates the prison to assist the hostage. This scene lasts for over 20 minutes and features a daring prison break amid chaos. The majority of the fight involves hand-to-hand combat against armed adversaries, with minimal firearm usage. This is followed by a thrilling car chase through the jungle, where they are relentlessly pursued and shot at by assassins. The sequence continues with a fight on a moving train with gunship helicopte. All of these action-packed scenes are incredibly realistic, arguably some of the most impressive ever seen in the world of cinema. Although we know that not all of it is done in a single take, it seamlessly flows without noticeable cuts. It features a single long take scene in this film. Apart from that, there is an action scene on a high-rise building in the middle of the city. In comparison, the later portion may slightly drop in intensity, but overall, it remains an incredibly exhilarating action film with a unique flavor. This is largely attributed to Chris Hemsworth’s captivating performance, particularly in this role.


And in this sequel, there is a greater emphasis on the team assisting Tyler compared to the first installment. Nik and Yaz, the siblings who provided jobs to Tyler in the previous, join him in the fight from the beginning until the end. They are skilled and formidable, matching Tyler’s abilities. The addition of action scenes featuring these two characters has helped tone down the excessive and unrealistic fighting scenes Tyler in the first film.

In this sequel, the storyline remains relatively light same. However, there are additions that shed light on Tyler’s family background and emotional wounds, which were not revealed in the first installment. Additionally, there is a subplot involving Tyler’s grandson, who is confused about which family he should be with. Although this aspect is minor, it is not a weak point because this film is primarily focused on delivering pure action, which satisfies the audience’s expectations.

A downside of this installment is the lack of reasoning the events in the later part of the film. The villains easily bring a team of from Georgia to Australia, equipped with war weapons, and a gunship helicopte to demolish a city center hotel without people, how strange. Australian police appear without much relevance to the story. Moreover, there is a scene where the villains set up a camp and leave their plane exposed, despite being hunted nationwide. These elements make the film lack logical and credibility.

The story introduces a new character portrayed by Idris Elba who appears at the beginning and end of the film, setting up the narrative for the continuation in Part 3. Chris Hemsworth expressed his great liking for this role and his desire to keep playing it repeatedly, which assures us that this franchise is likely to extend beyond three installments for sure.

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