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[I’m A Virgo Review] Coming Of Age and supernatural power in a cult-style.

I'm A Virgo


The series has peculiar initial ideas, combined with a cult-Style presentation that can be confusing and difficult to understand.particularly concerning politics and capitalist perspectives from the viewpoint of Black individuals. This makes it a niche content that is challenging for a wider audience to grasp, ultimately making it less enjoyable. However, the presentation of characters with extraordinary powers in a bizarre manner is intriguing and keeps viewers engaged until the end. It’s worth giving it a try, as each episode is only around 25-30 minutes long. However, be aware that the series leaves many storylines hanging and sets up for a potential second season.

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  • The series combines the Coming of Age genre with extraordinary powers.
  • The powers depicted in the series are peculiar and unusual.
  • There are various elements of dark humor present throughout the series.


  • The story is presented in a cult style.
  • The series leaves many storylines hanging.

I’m A Virgo ข้าราศีกันย์ The 7-episode series on Amazon Prime tells the story of a 4-meter-tall giant child who ventures out into the outside world after being raised by their parents inside the house for 18 years. He must now confront the people in society, both good and bad, including the superheroes He have admired all along.

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I’m A Virgo Review (No Spoilers)

The series that initially has a very peculiar and extraordinary idea, which might be understood as a Coming of Age mixed with superheroes, is actually not what it seems. Although the story of the growth of the young giant character named Cootie (played by Jharrel Jerome, a talented young actor from the series “When They See Us” on Netflix and the voice actor in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”) is related to the transitional period of learning, making friends for the first time, falling in love with a girl, and working to earn money, it is a teenage series that brings the innocent and pure giant character, who has never experienced the outside world, to play in an interesting way.

However, the importance of the story in this aspect has been significantly diminished when the creators chose to narrate the story in a political direction, reflecting the story of black people and capitalism, and even using a cult-style narrative that tries to include everything imaginable, regardless of whether the audience will understand it or not. This confuses the viewers about what is happening in the series to the point that Amazon Prime had to provide additional explanations for each episode from the creator, Boots Riley, in order to understand what it actually means and what perspective it reflects on social issues. This makes watching this series not as entertaining as expected.


However, despite the fact that the story is narrated in a cult, making it less enjoyable and harder to grasp, there are still parts that are entertaining and commendable. That would be the superhero aspect that breaks away from the typical superhero genre, similar to the series “The Boys,” but with differences. In this story, the character revealed from the beginning is The Hero, the recurring villain who portrays himself as the city’s hero. He parodies everything about Iron Man in a comedic way. He is a billionaire tech tycoon and desires to be a hero, so he creates his own suit to fight villains, while also being the owner of a comic book publishing company where he is the protagonist. It’s like an advertisement that invites belief in something good. This is what Cootie likes about his comics. However, when they meet in the outside world, Cootie becomes the villain in The Hero’s eyes.

Furthermore, there are several characters in the story with special powers that link to their own interests or abnormalities since birth, such as autism, which are transformed into extraordinary abilities through a unique perspective. This aspect is highly intriguing and keeps the viewers’ interest, as it presents extraordinary powers in an unconventional way, unlike anyone else. It doesn’t focus on fight scenes, and viewers have to understand that this is a low-budget series.


The series concludes with episode 7, leaving many storylines unresolved. It is likely that the series will not continue due to its niche content. However, if you want to give it a try, it won’t take up much of your time as each episode is approximately 25-30 minutes long.



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