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[ Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) Review ] The Action movie “Repetitive” from Netflix.

Mother's Day Netflix


This is another typical action film from Netflix, created to coincide with Mother’s Day worldwide. The storyline is almost identical to a previous film, “The Mother,” which starred Jennifer Lopez. The main difference is that this film has a much lower budget. The action scenes are choreographed slowly, making them look unnatural. The villain character is portrayed in a comedic manner, lacking seriousness. The mother-child relationship doesn’t evoke much emotion. Overall, it’s a repetitive and unoriginal film from Netflix, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


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  • Mother’s Day action movie


  • Repetitive storyline
  • Poorly choreographed action scenes
  • Lack of emotional depth in the mother-child relationship

Mother’s Day (Dzien Matki) The action movie from Netflix Poland, Nina a former operative of NATO’s special operations unit. She must utilize all of her skills to rescue her kidnapped son from criminals. The search for Max becomes an opportunity for her to rebuild her relationship with her son, who is unaware that she is his mother once again.


Mother’s Day Netflix (Dzien Matki) Review


Another movie on Netflix that is specifically created to coincide with special occasions each month is the Valentine’s Day and Christmas-themed film. In this case, it falls on May 14th, 2023, which is International Mother’s Day. Previously known as “The Mother”  the movie features renowned actress Jennifer Lopez and is an American production. However, this time it is a Polish production, although it still seems to borrow elements from previous works. The storyline revolves around a mother who sacrifices her rights by allowing someone else to raise her child due to fears of danger. Secretly, she continues to observe her child’s growth every year until the child is kidnapped, forcing her to come forward and embark on a mission to rescue her child. She gets a chance to reconnect with her child once again. It’s quite apparent that this is a clear copy-paste of a recurring theme, with only a change in the production team. Although there are minor differences in the level of the antagonistic gang, this version is created with a smaller budget. Overall, it seems that Netflix simply invests in these two production teams to churn out similar films with little variation in quality or content.

The downside of this film may be more than just the lack of a high budget for action scenes compared to its predecessor. What we see in this movie is a typical action film that focuses on close-quarters combat and includes some shooting scenes. However, it follows a generic approach and lacks the beautifully choreographed action sequences seen in films like John Wick. Additionally, the fight scenes lack authenticity, with a relatively slow pace that makes it obvious they are waiting for cues. There are moments where comedy is inserted, which doesn’t match the overall tone of the main story. As a result, the action scenes in this film fall into the B-grade.


One more negative aspect is that the storyline of the villainous side is quite misleading. The villain is portrayed in a comedic way that doesn’t match the level of a national criminal. The attire of the villain boss looks funny, and the mannerisms make them seem lacking in good judgment. Even the government’s villainous side is almost like a cartoon villain, with exaggerated facial expressions and gestures that don’t resemble real people. This emphasis on unrealistic facial expressions and gestures undermines the seriousness that the story should have had.

In addition to that, in terms of the mother-child relationship, it hardly plays a significant role. Compared to the film “The Mother,” which makes a greater effort to create scenes depicting the relationship, in this story, apart from them fleeing together, there is hardly anything that makes you feel that the child needs to bond with someone unknown who comes to help. And then we find out later that it’s the mother. This doesn’t evoke much emotion in the audience at all.


The movie ends in a way that leaves room for a potential sequel, exploring the theme of motherhood further. However, it doesn’t seem likely to survive for another installment unless a very low budget is used.


Overall, this is another repetitive film from Netflix that follows a formula for success (I’ve lost count of how many times). The writer is tired of these unoriginal and uninspiring films and doesn’t feel inclined to recommend them to anyone. However, if the readers have already paid for a subscription, they can give it a watch, as at least the film has a continuous stream of action scenes to keep them from getting too bored or dozing off.


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