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[Run Rabbit Run Review Netflix] A horror movie that is more annoying than scary.

Run Rabbit Run


The horror movie attempts to create a ghost-like atmosphere by playing with the creepy portrayal of child characters, but it falls back on repetitive and typical scenes. It becomes tiresome and annoying to watch rather than genuinely scary. However, the ending successfully provides a satisfactory resolution to the mystery, making the overall film reasonably justified. It elevates the otherwise tedious narrative and makes it more logical. Overall, it’s not that bad and worth a try if you’re willing to give it a chance.

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  • The horror movie attempts to create a ghost-like


  • The story is not entertaining.
  • There are no scary scenes enough

Run Rabbit Run The horror movie from Australia on Netflix tells the story of a single mother who becomes disturbed by the abnormal behavior of her young daughter. It delves into the sinister memories of the family’s dark past.
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Run Rabbit Run Review Netflix (No spoilers)


The movie, directed by Daina Reid , who is primarily known for her work on TV series such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Shining Girls” among others, carries good credentials. However, it should be noted that Hannah Kent, the screenwriter, is a newcomer, and this is her first venture. The intriguing concept of this story likely captured the director’s attention and led to its adaptation into a film. However, it must be straightforwardly stated that this low-budget Netflix original movie is not enjoyable to watch. The stretched-out and repetitive plot revolves around a young child trying to create a seemingly supernatural film by imitating the deceased sister’s enigmatic past. The main idea of the movie is to deceive the audience into believing that it is a ghost movie. However, the repetitive nature of the story, for instance, the child repeatedly claiming to be Alice and wearing a bunny mask, becomes irritating. While it may occasionally be eerie, it lacks the suspense of a horror movie. there is no scene that startles. It ultimately becomes a tiresome horror movie, although there may be some elements worth following, it falls short in that regard as well.

However, when the entire truth is revealed, which is the main idea behind the mystery, the movie can be considered to have a satisfying ending. It helps elevate the overall rating of the movie when everything seen throughout the story has a reasonably explained justification. The director also made an effort to incorporate hints and clues about this mystery throughout the movie. Particularly, actress Sarah Snook, who portrays the mother, delivers a compelling performance expressing a constant state of distress and anxiety throughout the film. Her portrayal serves as the most significant clue that reveals the mystery.


Overall, it may not be an enjoyable or exceptionally well-executed horror movie. However, the ending of the film helps make it reasonably decent and worth a watch. It is not particularly disappointing, so it’s worth giving it a try.


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