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[The Crowded Room Review 10 EP] Delving into the origins of Dissociative Identity Disorder the brilliant performances of Tom Holland!

The Crowded Room


The series, which draws inspiration from the man with 24 personalities, Billy Milligan, has been skillfully adapted into a deeply engrossing and emotionally impactful narrative, delving into the core of the first-ever occurrence of Dissociative Identity Disorder in the world. It is filled with intricately woven storytelling and heart-wrenching moments. It’s confirmed to be Tom Holland’s best series to date, alongside Amanda Seyfried, who delivers impeccable emotional performances throughout. Anyone seeking something unique, different, and of the highest production quality should not miss this exceptional series.

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  • The in-depth exploration of the origins of Dissociative Identity Disorder from a real-life story.
  • Tom Holland’s exceptional performance, showcasing his best acting skills.
  • The excellent chemistry between Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in their roles.
  • The highly emotional and impactful storyline that leaves a deep impression.
  • Impressive performances by all the actors, delivering their roles exceptionally well.


  • The initial episodes can be confusing and puzzling in the storytelling.
  • The plot may progress slowly.

The Crowded Room A 10-episode Apple TV+ series, the story of Danny Sullivan (portrayed by Tom Holland), a man who was arrested after being involved in a shooting in New York City in 1979. Rya Goodwin (played by Amanda Seyfried), delves into Danny’s past to help him navigate through this mysterious case, which proves to be deeper than anyone could have imagined.
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The Crowded Room Review 10 EP (there are some spoilers in the content.)

The series, which draws inspiration from the book “The Minds of Billy Milligan,” aims to understand Billy Milligan, a man with 24 prominent personalities. It has been adapted into various entertainment forms and, undoubtedly, most viewers might have seen other portrayals of Dissociative Identity Disorder before. The question is, what other aspects make it interesting to follow?

This series is an adaptation that takes the original story and delves deeply into portraying the development of this disorder in the most detailed way possible. It presents a mysterious backstory, and in the first three episodes, viewers might be left almost clueless about what they are watching unless they are interested in reading the source material in the title. It could be perceived as a crime drama, opening with a captivating scene, and the series gradually unfolds the enigmatic past. It starts during his turbulent teenage years and gradually introduces other characters who play significant roles in saving him from various life-threatening situations.

As the story progresses, it becomes clearer that everything viewers have seen so far is the intricate persona of Danny, who takes on different roles, and none of it is entirely true. This twist in the narrative is intriguing, puzzling, and full of suspense, leaving viewers questioning the reasoning behind this thrilling and bizarre story. Some viewers may feel confused and uncertain in the initial episodes and might cons


The true heart of the story revolves around the treatment and healing of Danny from Rya Goodwin, as this takes place in a time when the disorder is not yet recognized or accepted. This is the first case, akin to the birth of Billy Milligan in the book that inspired the series, which delves into the psychological life of the character. While other stories often use this premise to create fear and strangeness, The identity in this story is of someone who has experienced intense hardships in life far beyond what the mind can bear, leading to the emergence of various personalities to protect his true self. The series excellently narrates this by gradually unraveling Rya’s exploration of how these different identities came to be, through deceptive communication to coax each personality to emerge in each episode, while also gradually revealing the complex events from the initial episodes once more. This is the heart of the entire captivating story.


In the last three episodes, the story delves into a more complex and intricate case. Even though viewers like us may believe that the protagonist has a dissociative identity disorder, explaining it to others becomes challenging. The story gradually unveils the true identities of characters from the past and the present, like the attorney who initially dismissed Rya’s story before the paths collide. The series shifts into a full-court legal battle in Episodes 9-10, and the unfolding events become even more heart-wrenching. When the truth is finally revealed, it becomes a tragic drama deeply hidden in the psyche and a crucial piece that ultimately concludes the case based on reality. The final few scenes add a touch of freshness to the narrative, helping to clear the last doubt within the courtroom. Indeed, this is a storytelling that excellently captures all the intricate details.

What is truly remarkable is the performances of both main characters, Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried, who have incredible chemistry together throughout the entire series. They convey emotions to each other in a heart-rending manner. However, Tom’s role is much more challenging, and he himself admits to feeling immense pressure as an actor. This is indeed true as he portrays multiple personalities so convincingly, using body language without overacting. Viewers can instantly recognize who he is portraying at any given moment. Moreover, in the initial episodes, The substitute actor also helps the audience see the overlapping personas with the real self later on.

In summary, this is undoubtedly Tom Holland’s best series, and it skillfully incorporates Dissociative Identity Disorder as an entertainment element. Anyone seeking something unique, different, and top-notch production quality should not miss this series.


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