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[The Deepest Breath Review Netflix] An underwater documentary that breaks world records while encompassing every emotion.

The Deepest Breath


The documentary film is an extreme sports genre that portrays a story of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of breaking world records. It is highly entertaining, with beautiful underwater scenes and excellent sound effects. This is an outstanding documentary that leaves a strong impression and is definitely a must-watch.

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  • “Freediver” is a rare and hard-to-find extreme sports documentary film.
  • It tells a story of love and sacrifice.
  • accompanied by exceptional visuals and excellent sound.


  • It takes quite a long time before the two characters finally meet each other.

The Deepest Breath The Netflix documentary tells the story of a Freediving champion and a Safe Diver expert whose lives seem destined to intersect during the peak of their careers.
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The Deepest Breath Review (No Spoilers)


The documentary film from A24, acquired from filmmaker Laura McGann, was premiered at various prestigious film festivals such as Sundance 2023. The film has been highly acclaimed and revolves around Alessia Zecchini an Italian female diver, who meets Stephen Keenan, an expert in diving. Their encounter leads to the creation of a new global underwater phenomenon, along with a tragic twist in the conclusion.


This story revolves around the extreme sport of Freediving, which involves diving without the use of oxygen tanks. It is a competitive sport where divers descend deeper and deeper into the sea while being measured by a rope and assisted by a team of safety divers. The safety divers are experts in Safe Diving, which is the same type of diving as the Freedivers but with the additional responsibility of ensuring the divers’ safety during the ascent. The main challenge during the ascent is running out of air before reaching the surface, which can cause problems with lung and body pressure adjustments. Unlike diving with oxygen tanks that provide buoyancy, Freedivers face the risk of making mistakes or experiencing complications, ranging from injury to fatality. The role of the safety divers is to assist and help the Freedivers survive in this particular type of sport.

Although the rules and regulations of this particular sport may be difficult to understand, the story takes its time to narrate the events while gradually explaining them to the viewers, making it enjoyable to follow along with the unfolding events. It should be noted that this storytelling approach creates an emotional experience similar to watching a fictional movie rather than a documentary. Starting from their childhoods, with both of them living in different countries and leading contrasting lifestyles, the story follows Stephen Keenan’s journey as an explorer in the deep jungles of Africa before various events lead him to become an expert in Safe Diving, known as one of the best in the world. On the other hand, Alessia, who has been a diver since childhood, faces the obstacle of age restrictions imposed by the diving association, which prevents her from competing before turning 18. However, she trains herself diligently until she reaches the age of 18 and becomes a rising star in the sport. Eventually, their paths cross, leading to the true story of their lives, which begins during the aftermath of the first hour that passed in the Vertical Blue FreeDiving Competition 2017.

The film tells the exciting story of the Vertical Blue FreeDiving Competition 2017, where a pair of fierce Japanese female competitors emerge. This becomes the starting point of the love story in the film. Alessia, despite facing consecutive failures, receives guidance and training from Stephen Keenan, leading to the birth of a new world record in free diving at depths of 100 meters and beyond. The film captures the intense competition, the blossoming romance, and the wondrous moments that occur as love and peak performance align. It becomes the most exhilarating part of the story before taking a dramatic turn that leaves the audience deeply moved.

The highlight of the film lies in its visually stunning and authentic storytelling. It features a combination of footage from regular cameras and newly produced underwater shots. This documentary tells its story through beautiful, mysterious, and suspenseful underwater visuals. Additionally, the well-suited musical score enhances the immersive experience. The audience can even hear the sound of the diver’s breaths underwater, adding to the overall atmosphere. When diving underwater and resurfacing quickly, you may experience a temporary loss of hearing similar to what is described in this situation.The combination of both visuals and sound, when complete, enhances the emotional experience of watching this documentary film even further.


The Deepest Breath is indeed an impressive. It is a must-watch that should not be missed.


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