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[The Diplomat Review Netflix] The political drama series that heavily emphasizes pro-American.

The Diplomat


This is a political romance series that follows the work of a strong female diplomat from America, by using hypothetical reasoning but referencing real-life situations in the current world. (the crisis between Ukraine and Russia). The main characters’ love lives are intertwined, causing decisions to fluctuate with emotions, even though the series presents itself as a political drama with theories of diplomacy. However, the series is filled with only conversations and presented in a comedic and sarcastic manner, not as a thrilling or exciting thriller. This is not a series that presents the real work of a diplomat and is heavily pro-American. Those who enjoy the American propaganda style may find it enjoyable, but if not, it can be skipped as it portrays an exaggerated, glorified view of America’s global leadership.

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  • Political romance genre blended with a couple’s personal life.
  • Uses the current crisis in the world, the Ukraine-Russia war, as a background.


  • The tone of the story is comedic and not serious.
  • It heavily promotes an extremely pro-American perspective.
  • The plot revolves mostly around dialogue and lacks thrilling events.

The Diplomat This 8-episode Netflix series follows a mysterious attack on a British warship amidst a crisis between nations. Amidst the chaos, an American diplomat is tasked with resolving the crisis in England, which will have an impact on both her personal life and political future.
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The Diplomat Review Netflix (no spoilers)

This series, created by Deborah Cahn, known for her works on Homeland (2020) and Grey’s Anatomy (2005), follows a political drama genre that is her forte. However, this is not a spy series, action series, or a thriller, but a pure political drama series that centers around a strong female character dealing with personal problems in her failing marriage while investigating the truth behind a mysterious attack on a British warship. The series revolves around the theory of interconnectedness that relates to real-life events such as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the expanding power of China, which serves as the backdrop to create a new crisis for the UK, and what action the UK will take in response. However, any actions taken by the UK must pass through the scrutiny and control of its ally, the United States.

The main focus of this story is to present the challenging work of an American diplomat, including negotiating, verifying news, and planning the British Prime Minister’s speeches to avoid triggering a global war. The protagonist, Kate Wyler (played by Keri Russelll), is a young woman who represents the face of America and is given a task beyond her capabilities, but she proves her abilities and climbs up the ladder of success. The story presents smart crisis management and offers a different perspective from other supporting characters in the team, including the CIA, British diplomats, and the news unit. Hal Wyler (played by Rufus Sewell) is Kate’s husband who follows her to work and serves as a crucial advisor in the story. Their troubled romantic relationship adds an emotional dimension to the story, making Kate’s decision-making more challenging.

Although the story may seem like a tense drama, the truth is quite the opposite. The tone of this story is comedic, not very serious. Even though the events portrayed are imagined to be world-shattering, all the characters in the story seem to be acting in a comedic manner rather than realistically addressing political issues. For example, the Prime Minister of England acts like a self-centered aristocrat, and the President of the United States is still trying to engage in war with Iraq (reminiscent of the Iraq War). This is reinforced by the predominantly comedic music in the story. The advantage is that the story does not seem tense, but the disadvantage is that anyone who expects a realistic portrayal of the work of an American diplomat will not find it here. Even though the story tries to create various realistic situations, the fact that the story presents everything comedically throughout makes it impossible to believe that this is the actual work of an American diplomat.

In addition, those who expect the story to be exciting and have a peak in each episode, due to the global crisis that the story is based on, will be disappointed. The story focuses solely on conversations between English and American characters exchanging news and information, which is mostly uneventful and lacks any excitement. The conversation in this story focuses on creating a negative sentiment towards the English., with Americans portrayed as chaotic and disruptive. Those who are fond of America and are American may enjoy the series as it portrays America in a positive light, playing a behind-the-scenes role in solving global issues. However, non-American viewers or those who are not pro-America may feel that the series intentionally emphasizes this aspect too much, to the point of despising America’s political involvement in the world (even though it is known to be true).

The story concludes with a serious cliffhanger at the end, revealing the mastermind behind everything, but it’s not too much of a shock because the theory of the culprit being someone close was already speculated. However, the story doesn’t wrap up entirely in this season and is left to be continued in season 2.


Summary: This is a highly Americanized series. Those who enjoy this genre may find it entertaining, but if you are not a fan of American propaganda, you can skip it. The series can be frustrating to watch due to its excessive glorification and promotion of America throughout the entire story.


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