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[The Power Review] Extraordinary Teen Rebellion that is not an Action but a World-shattering Revolution.

The Power


TV series that focuses on special powers but does not rely on action fighting scenes. Instead, it explores the positive and negative impacts of these powers, such as revolution, endings and beginnings of human history, and the creation of a new normal similar to the spread of COVID-19. The series has a large-scale story that emphasizes politics and governance at multiple levels with various characters from around the world. The storylines are separate but interconnected, and there were significant issues in the first two episodes with little use of electric power, making it boring and uninteresting. The large number of characters introduced simultaneously also made the direction of the story confusing. However, the ending of the second episode flipped the story on its head and propelled it to a higher level of excitement, making it worth following with the impact of powers in different storylines. If the series maintains this level, it could be another great production for Amazon Prime Video, as the source material is based on a best-selling and award-winning novel.

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  • The series is a teenage-centered, superpower-themed story that explores the impact on the world.
  • It is adapted from a bestselling and award-winning novel.
  • features intense and violent scenes.


  • The first 2 episodes were boring with too many confusing characters.
  • It’s not an action-packed series with superpowers.

The Power Amazon Prime series 9 episodes based on the novel by Naomi Alderman, has won the Women’s Prize for Fiction. The story takes place in the present world where unnatural occurrences are happening simultaneously around the world. Suddenly, a large number of teenage girls possess electric power, leading to a revolution in global governance power.

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Note: This article has been translated from Thai to English, I apologize if there are any mistakes/errors.


The Power Review (No spoil)

This review is based on the first three episodes of the series, which premieres new episodes every Friday.

The power Novel

This series tells the story of many characters around the world, from London to Seattle, Nigeria to Central Europe. However, it is not a typical action-packed superhero series that some may expect, but rather a narrative that explores both the positive and negative impacts of a revolution. It’s a story about the end and the beginning of human history, much like the COVID-19 pandemic that has transformed the world, impacting people worldwide and leading to a new normal life. The series uses the power of electricity to tell different stories from different countries, lifestyles, and characters, both young and old. The political power struggle in the world of America is a key theme of the story.

The story describes the power of electricity that is compared to natural phenomena and categorizes the levels of electrical power and the ability to harness it differently. Each of the female protagonists has a unique power (but they all have the same electrical shock power). Some have the ability to control lightning. Each person’s story has its own twists and turns, such as a girl who was born as a mafia boss’s daughter and has a voice in her head like a prophet from God. This makes each character’s story different, but they are all told alongside global events that are happening.

The series has a storyline that emphasizes high levels of mature and graphic content from the beginning., with scenes of sexual violence, electrocution, and various types of bodily harm. Characters die from major accidents and there is graphic bloodshed shown on screen without censorship. Despite this, the series is still rated within the 16+ age.

But there were problems in the first two episodes of the show, as there were too many characters introduced at once which caused confusion, and there were almost no scenes showcasing the use of special powers, leaving viewers who came to see action disappointed. The show focuses on the everyday life of a young girl who has just gained powers and doesn’t understand what is happening. However, in the second episode, the story takes a sudden turn and becomes a grand-scale adventure, making it exciting and worth following in the third episode. If the show continues to maintain this level of quality, it could be another great series for Amazon Prime Video, as the source material is based on a best-selling and award-winning novel.


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