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[Gold Brick Review Netflix] The badass French fragrance heist movie.

Gold Brick


This is yet another terrible Netflix movie. It’s a heist film about stealing perfumes with no obstacles whatsoever. The characters quickly fall in love with each other in a simplistic manner. The other characters are just thrown into the story without any significant roles. They are merely filler characters with no important contributions. I would recommend skipping this film altogether.

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  • A heist scene with absolutely no obstacles whatsoever.
  • The characters’ love for each other is portrayed in a confusing manner.

Gold Brick French original Netflix movie. the story of two siblings working in a perfume factory who find a shortcut to wealth by secretly heisting and selling perfumes.

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Gold Brick Review

The comedy film by Jérémie Rozan, a new director who previously directed the series “La Révolution ,” falls a bit short. His previous works were all in the music genre, and it seems like this film was put together hastily. From the poorly developed storyline to the excessive use of celebrity cameos, the entire plot feels forced and lacking substance, resulting in a rather unsatisfying conclusion.

The story starts with small attempts to steal perfumes and gradually escalates to larger heists. The plot is straightforward and almost devoid of any problems. During the small-scale heists, they easily sneak a few bottles into garbage bins. As they expand their operations, they hire people to work in the factory. Towards the end, the story turns into a game, which becomes quite tedious. There is an attempt to deceive the audience a bit, but it doesn’t have much impact since there are no unexpected twists in the story. The police in this film are portrayed in a superficial and ineffective manner, having no real impact on the plot. In comparison to the main character, who appears rather foolish, the film lacks intelligent planning and fails to engage the audience in any meaningful way.

The film attempts to establish a connection between the characters Daniel and Virginie as the main protagonists, but the development of their relationship is almost nonexistent. They suddenly fall in love without much buildup, and then they transform into a team of perfume thieves quite easily. The romantic aspect lacks depth and substance, with only Patrick Breuil‘s character, who owns the perfume factory, having a slightly more significant role towards the end. However, overall, the film lacks important and impactful character development.

As for the other characters, like Daniel’s older brother, they have almost no significant roles at all. They are merely supporting characters thrown into the mix with the rest of the almost ten-person team. They randomly appear later in the story without any substantial introduction or development, making it difficult to understand their purpose. These characters only have minor appearances and do not contribute significantly to the plot.


Overall, this is another disappointing Netflix film. It seems like it was hastily put together without much thought, simply catering to anyone who watches it. I would recommend skipping it altogether.


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