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[Mr. Car and the Knights Templar Review] The action movie for a C-grade treasure.

Mr. Car and the Knights Templar


An action-adventure film centered around ancient treasures, but everything feels fake. From the characters who lack depth to the scenes of searching for artifacts that resemble a low-budget, ordinary film, everything in the story falls below a grade of C. Overall, this is a film that can be bid farewell to. There are no remarkable qualities left to truly admire.

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  • The performances of all the characters are poor.
  • The scenes of searching for the treasure are disappointing.

Mr. Car and the Knights Templar The action movie from Netflix, Poland, follows a historian-art enthusiast who discovers an ancient Templar artifact, the Staff of Polaris. He must join forces with a group of adventurous kids on a mission to unravel the secrets of the ancient relic.

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Mr. Car and the Knights Templar Review


The movie, directed by newcomer Antoni Nykowski , is an adaptation of a novel. Due to being a new director, the film lacks coherence and clear storytelling.

The first problem lies in the underdeveloped characterization, where the main characters lack meaningful interactions. Instead, the plot forces them to come together and form an unlikely team to pursue the treasure. This haphazardly written script fails to evoke the desired connection among the characters, resulting in a poorly executed drama. Overall, the film falls below the grade of a C-level action movie.

Each character in the story has their own problems. Starting with the protagonist, Tomasz, who tries to portray himself as an Indiana Jones-like character using an car that can drive on water, which is unrealistic. The rest of the performance feels like a stage play, with the leading lady and the child who joins the team trying to act in sync. It can be considered acceptable. However, the villain’s performance is stiff and lacks any significant role. Due to the poor portrayal of the characters throughout the story, it feels more like a stage play than anything else.

The opening scene searching for the artifact seemed quite promising, with decent visuals and an intriguing puzzle-solving element following the formula of this genre. However, as the story progressed, it became increasingly disappointing, culminating in an ending that had nothing substantial. Moreover, the resolution of the artifact, which was supposed to wash away the entire continent of Europe, turned out to be incredibly simplistic. It felt like a low-budget, mediocre film, with a half-hearted attempt to leave room for a potential sequel.


 Overall, this is a film that can be bid farewell to. There are no remarkable qualities left to truly admire.


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