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[Oh Belinda Review] The comedy-drama movie about a woman who enters the advertising world but that’s all there is to it…

Oh Belinda


Overall, the movie is a small-scale comedy that is somewhat enjoyable but not particularly interesting enough to recommend to anyone. The first half of the film is full of jokes and revolves around the protagonist getting stuck in the world of hair product commercials, which she despises. But in the second half, the story focused on the romantic drama, and the jokes were not funny anymore. The ending was unimpressive, The only thing that truly stands out in the movie is the beauty of the female lead that manages to hold the audience’s attention until the end.

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  • A remake from the original Turkish version of 1986.
  • Beautiful lead actress and plays well.


  • The first half of the joke is funny, but then it becomes tasteless.
  • The story tries to teach a life lesson, but the execution is not good.

Oh Belinda The Netflix comedy-drama follows the story of Dilara, a famous actress with a perfect life, who joins the TV commercial shoot for the newly launched shampoo, “Belinda”. During the shooting, she plays the role of a housewife named Handan and finds herself trapped in that world, having to start a new life in a place where no one knows her.

Note: This article has been translated from Thai to English, I apologize if there are any mistakes/errors.

Oh Belinda Review

The Turkish movie is a remake of the 1986 original, updated for the modern era with the addition of social media elements. However, the main plot remains the same, following a woman who finds herself trapped in a commercial script world she hates after entering it. She must accept the role of a housewife, or risk being sent to a mental hospital. This movie was very funny in the first hour, when the main character was struggling to convince everyone that she was Dilara, a famous actress, not a maid of two children who constantly tried to have sex with her (but failed). Then, the plot focused on her attempts to adapt to her new life and eventually finding her way back to her career as an actress. The story tried to teach the audience some life lessons for the main character to grow, but the plot was not compelling enough to keep the audience engaged in the latter half of the movie, which became a mix of crime and comedy. The ending was rather simple and did not leave a lasting impression.


The thing that kept the audience engaged in this movie until the end was the beauty of the actress Neslihan Atagül, who played her role convincingly in various different roles in the story, as she tried to showcase her acting skills and prove to others that she was a real actress. However, this also made some viewers think that she went over the top and became too exaggerated. The movie also used her beauty as a comedic tool in many scenes, with everyone trying to flirt with her, and there were several sex scenes, but without any explicit nudity.

Overall, this is a small-scale comedy movie that can be watched through without being too bad, but it is not interesting enough to recommend to anyone.

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