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[Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Review] The ending part that tells the story in a Play Safe.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


Overall, the film is a lackluster final installment from director James Gunn. Despite enjoying the concluding arcs of several characters in the story, it lacks novelty. Rocket’s backstory is over-drama and everything in the movie feels played safe. It’s no different from Marvel’s previous film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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  • It explores Rocket’s backstory.
  • enjoying the concluding arcs of several characters in the story.


  • Lacks novelty.
  • Over-drama.
  • Weak villain portrayal.
  • Adam Warlock’s role is limited.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 The final installment directed by James Gunn before he went on to become the head of DC, was expected to be his most dedicated work yet. However, the result turned out to be a disappointment, as if Gunn only came to close the chapter and pass to Marvel. The entire storyline was filled with repetition and played safe, similar to his previous work on “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Review (No major spoilers)

The story begins with the arrival of Adam Warlock, who is hired to capture Rocket and bring him back to The High Evolutionary, but a mistake leads to Rocket being injured and discovering that there is a killswitch implanted in his body that cannot be removed without first deactivating the buried system within him. This leads the entire team to go in search of Rocket’s origins, which have never been revealed before. This section of the film flashes back to Rocket’s earliest origins as a lab experiment, and there are several flashbacks throughout the entire film that take up almost half of its running time. This length is not due to important details, but rather to the use of melodramatic scenes with Rocket’s group of lab experiment friends. James Gunn’s aim was to create a tear-jerking melodrama for all viewers, using the sympathy factor of the lab animals and injecting heavy-handed sentimentality, even for viewers who are sensitive to animals, may feel that it is overly manipulative.

The plot of the team of characters who help Rocket is filled with chaos, following the same formula as in parts 1-2. However, when it comes to the conclusion, many of the actors’ contracts expire and they do not continue to play in this franchise. James Gunn seems to want to wrap up everything neatly, so he tries to squeeze these characters into the missions to make them have a role, which makes some things feel forced. For example, the attempt to make Peter’s new love interest, Gamora, care about him despite not having any memories of him left, is annoying and repetitive, If it were not for the fact that this is the final installment, this relationship could have been revisited in another story. However, this is the end of this franchise, as Zoe Saldana has announced that she will no longer play this character, and no one can replace her.

The remaining characters tried to give Mantis, Drax, and Nebula the most prominent roles possible because all three actors’ contracts were expiring. Dave Bautista, for instance, announced from the outset that he would play this character for the last time since he could not handle the makeup process any longer. James Gunn made an effort to make good use of them, following the successful team-up formula, combined with their signature comedic chemistry, which resulted in some moments of laughter.  As for the character Groot, he took advantage of his growing body and became the primary action hero of the movie. Additionally, the film attempted to bring back old characters from previous installments, including the fans’ favorite ones.

The villainous Adam Warlock has become a character with a disappointing minor role. He is merely a character who has been set up for future use in Marvel, with a role only at the beginning of the story before having a more significant role at the end. Fans of Marvel may appreciate this, but it is not particularly surprising.

The villain, The High Evolutionary is similar to the villain Kang. He is introduced as a formidable foe with terrifying powers, but in the actual fight scene, he turns out to be a weak villain that the superhero team easily defeats without any exciting moments. He becomes a shallowly written villain that is used to emphasize drama in Rocket’s storyline.

The CG work in this film is up to standard and there are no visible issues. However, I would say that filming with IMAX cameras and then projecting it in IMAX theaters did not really showcase the large-scale visuals. Additionally, the 3D effects in this film are quite flat and cannot be compared to Avatar. I recommend watching this film in a regular theater.

The movie has a happy ending where everything is resolved, almost to the point of feeling deceived by the marketing. The first end credits scene sets up a new team with young characters that may lead to future sequels. The second end credits scene may please fans, but the writer believes that ending the character’s role in the film there would have been more impressive.

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