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[Review WAR SAILOR] The war movie that tells the perspective of conscripted soldiers.



The series is well-made and features high-quality production similar to a real war movie. However, the war scenes are only briefly shown as they are not the main focus of the story, which centers around the civilians trying to survive and return to their families. The protagonist’s story is based on the real experiences of many sailors who lost their lives and sanity in the war they were forced to participate in. This is one of the important events in Norway’s history that is rarely depicted in media.

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  • 3 EP Limitless series concludes from a certain period of World War II in which Norway was involved.
  • It tells the story of a family drama of civilians affected by the war.
  • The war scene is realistically portrayed, but it is only brief.


  • The story is not particularly exciting, and the alternating scenes can be confusing at times.

WAR SAILOR This Netflix limited series 3 Episode is based on the true story of a multitude of Norwegian merchant ships forced to join the battle to save Britain from German attack in World War II.
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The Netflix series is based on the true story of the large number of Norwegian cargo ships that were forced to join the war effort to aid England against Germany’s attack during World War II. The story centers around the Alfred character, who has just become a father of a third child. When World War II broke out, he and his partner were working on a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They were civilians who were not armed and found themselves on the front lines of a war they never asked to be a part of. They had to struggle to survive amidst the strong currents of violence and death, as German submarines could attack their ship at any moment. Their only goal was to survive and return home.

The series tells a story in a non-linear and flashback style about a reluctant participation in war, while also helping other sailors who have sunk. Alfred “Alfred Garnet” is like the heroic leader of a small group of sailors who are trying to survive. Sometimes they prepare to escape the war, but in the end they still sail their ship into the battlefield and experience many losses. There is always a close friend next to him. The story portrays the war from the perspective of civilians who were drawn into the war. There are no scenes of fighting against the army, but rather an attempt to survive and hope for the war to end so they can go back home. The protagonist, Alfred Garnet, is not based on a true story, but there were many sailors who had to go through the same type of war. In the end, they either became forgotten casualties or people with mental health problems. This character portrays the story, perspective, and experiences for us to see.

WAR SAILOR กะลาสีสงคราม ลิมิเต็ดซีรีส์ Netflix 3 ตอนจบ

The story still jumps back and forth to the time when the protagonist was with his family in town, waiting for letters from him during the war when they couldn’t contact each other. The children grew up without their father and the waiting, without any hope, became a problem for the family that caused many issues. Even when the father returned from the war, he couldn’t come back to the warm family he once had, due to the time lost.

Additionally, the story also focuses on the protagonist’s relationship with his lover, who helped each other during different times. However, the war caused problems for their relationship in the end.

The series has short scenes of war, but it has a sense of reality like in a good war movie. There is a scene where their cargo ship was attacked by an enemy plane and torpedoed, causing them to struggle to survive in the sea before being rescued by a British submarine. Despite being just a small series, the story was well-made.

Overall, the series was well-made and had a quality production like a real war movie. However, the story might not be too exciting because it is about civilians trying to survive, with a fictionalized story based on important historical events in Norway that are not often shown (like Narvik, Hitler lost is referenced in this series Some events in the story also happened in real life.)

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