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[Sweet Tooth 2 Review] The story is still fun, but it’s in the tone of a children’s movie.

Sweet Tooth 2


Overall, the story is still enjoyable, but it is in a kid-friendly fantasy genre despite being marketed towards adults with its gruesome scenes being toned down. The plot follows a single path of fighting against the Last Men army to wrap up the story before moving on to a new villain in season 3. The story also includes a past storyline that reveals the mystery behind the virus that destroyed the world, but it still leaves the secret of the Hybrid Children.

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  • Cute fantasy in Dystopia world.
  • The revelation of the virus that wiped out the world.


  • The storyline attempts to avoid violence, making some parts seem odd.
  • Several child characters are merely supporting roles.

Sweet Tooth 2After being apprehended and detained by the Last Men, Gus, a young half-deer boy, had to do something to help his companions escape.

Sweet Tooth 2 Review

Season 2 tells the story of the fight against the Last Men army, led by General Abbot who is the main villain of this season. The story of the 8 episodes mostly takes place in one location, unlike Season 1 which was more of an adventurous journey. The plot emphasizes his cruelty, forcing the doctor to create a cure from the children he has imprisoned and killed. However, the plot of this series tries to avoid graphic and violent scenes by making the child subjects of experimentation into terrifying, animalistic characters. This is a way to sidestep the brutality and make the story seem illogical. The cute characters, on the other hand, survive easily without ever being in danger of death. This significantly lowers the level of violence in the story, making it similar to a children’s movie, even though the main storyline revolves around fighting to survive against the horrors inflicted by adults.

In this installment, there is an emphasis on highlighting the special abilities of the hybrid children characters, such as a monkey who can climb high trees and an elephant with incredible strength. However, these two characters are the only ones with significant roles, and the rest of the characters become supporting cast members with very little significance to the plot, to the point where their names may not even be remembered.

The protagonist of this story, Gus, has grown and developed appropriately. It began with his realization that the world is cruel and he can’t trust anyone easily. Using deception to avoid the harsh reality, which he learned from his father, is not always the right thing to do. However, overall, this character remains charming throughout the story, which is what makes him most appealing to viewers. Along with his big-hearted friend Tommy, the two continue to maintain a strong bond that is authentic. Flashbacks reveal how Tommy joined the Last Men force, which helps to explain previously hidden aspects of the story clearly.

The other side of the story is about the adventure of Bear as she sets out to find Gus. She meets a young man who wants to join the Last Men army, and follows him hoping to find Gus. The story also revolves around the important item from Gus’s mother that reveals the origin of the virus that wiped out the world, which was previously hidden. This important part helps to make the story more interesting and also sets up the story for season 3, which is about the journey to Alaska. However, the story does not reveal how the hybrid children came to be and what their importance is to saving the world.

The villainous Colonel Abbot has a storyline that highlights his relationship with Young brother, but it’s all in the realm of psychopathy, full of cruelty. He is a villain with no good left in him, but there is another villain, the doctor. In season 1, he was a good man forced to do bad things to help his wife, but in season 2, he becomes increasingly unhinged, descending into ever more evil experiments.


The story concludes with the final battle against the Last Men, but a new villain is introduced in the end, hinting at a continuation in season 3. This new villain is also portrayed as a ruthless and evil character, which makes it intriguing to see how the story will progress.


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