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[Bird Box: Barcelona Review Netflix] Exciting, fresh, and even more fun than the first installment!

Bird Box: Barcelona


Overall, this is an outstanding sequel produced by a new and talented team. The storyline grabs your attention right from the start and keeps you engaged until the very end with non-stop, continuous suspense. The use of impressive CGI on a grand scale adds to the visual appeal. Along with a riddle explanation to continue to the next level. I highly recommend not missing out on this extraordinary film.

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  • There are exciting scenes throughout the story.
  • There is an additional description of a mystery.
  • High-quality production work.


  • The villain easily appears at the end.

Bird Box: Barcelona The sequel to the original Netflix movie that captivated audiences in 2018, after the mysterious force decimated the world’s population, sees Sebastian embarking on a journey to survive through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Barcelona. As he joins forces with other survivors, they attempt to escape the city, facing unforeseen and increasingly terrifying threats.

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Bird Box: Barcelona Review

This sequel was created by a new team of Spanish filmmakers, David Pastor and Àlex Pastor, who served as directors and screenwriters. Their previous work includes “The Head,” a 6-episode crime-solving series set in an isolated research facility in the Arctic, inspired by the film “The Thing.” It was well-received, and now they have ventured into creating a sequel to the highly-watched Netflix film that stars Sandra Bullock. This new installment takes a significantly different approach from the first one right from the beginning.

The content from here contains spoilers for the beginning of the protagonist Sebastián’s story. 

The uniqueness of this story lies in playing with the character who is like the evil demon from the previous installment, someone who sees that thing but doesn’t kill themselves and tries to make people who close their eyes see what he sees. They believe it is a way to release those people to meet God. The character Sebastián (played by Mario Casas, the protagonist of the series “)”) is that type of character from the beginning. Before the story rewinds to tell what happened to his family nine months before the global event’s inception, it gradually reveals what is happening to his wife and daughter, alternating with the current events that seem to overlap with the past events that happened to his daughter. However, a new character is introduced, a German girl with a Spanish woman taking care of her. The story slowly allows viewers to understand the mindset of this type of character in terms of the beliefs they hold and their desire to release people according to their firm beliefs. But is that really correct? This is the question that the story slowly inserts, leaving viewers to ponder and question how it will ultimately conclude.

The story presents a series of events that continuously lead people to their deaths throughout. There are numerous brutal and gruesome scenes of suicide. The unpredictable plot keeps the audience on edge throughout the entire story. There are no moments of respite or relief. It is different from the first installment, which was filled with excessive drama. In this sequel, there are only scenes that keep the audience constantly intrigued. One reason for this is because we have already seen that the protagonist is a kind of elusive demon that no one can capture. And it’s also a period that narrates the diverse relationships, from the perspective of a daughter who is introspective about the current reality.

The cinematography in this film is exceptionally well done. It’s not a small-scale production, but rather a grand film with numerous wide-angle shots throughout. We get to witness Barcelona both during times of tragic events and in its beautifully depicted ruined cityscape.


The use of CGI in the film further enhances the mystery that was established in the previous installment. We don’t see the true nature of the enigma, but we do witness small objects floating and moving, adding to the suspense. In this sequel, the secret of this mystery is revealed in the middle of the story, before leaving us with a cliffhanger ending to continue in the next installment. It’s evident that the team behind this film has done a remarkable job and will surely continue to captivate audiences.

Overall, this sequel is an excellent piece of work, particularly from Netflix. It’s a must-watch and should not be missed. Even if you haven’t seen the first installment, you can start watching from this film as well.

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