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[Transatlantic Netflix Review]The true story of the movement to aid Jews without any emotional stress.



The 7-episode series is based on the true story of the Jewish aid organization in France during World War II, but the content is ordinary, straightforward, and lacks climax. It doesn’t have the same tension and intensity as a typical Nazi killing movie. Additionally, it injects a bit of humor throughout the story. Overall, this series is watchable but not memorable. It doesn’t compare to the team’s previous work, Unorthodox, which was truly worth watching.

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  • Based on a true story.
  • The actors are attractive and charming.
  • The retro-themed production is of a high standard.


  • The story is plain and lacks exciting or interesting moments.
  • The mood of the series is not intense.

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Transatlantic Review (No Spoil)

The series, created by the same team behind “Unorthodox” tells the story of a young Jewish woman’s escape from her oppressive family in the heart of New York City’s Orthodox community. Despite high expectations due to the team’s previous success, the new series falls short and is only considered to be of average quality.

The story is about a group of diverse individuals living in Marseille, France, with two American male protagonists who are married but living secret gay lives. They team up with a single, wealthy heiress who dedicates herself to helping the local Jewish population, secretly using money sent by her father to carry out covert missions. They receive assistance from two black hotel employees who are part of the anti-Nazi resistance and help hide the Jewish guests. There is also a young German-Jewish man who had to flee from Berlin and joins the group in hopes of a better future where Germany is no longer under the control of Hitler’s regime.

By telling the story through multiple characters, it requires cutting back and forth so much that it becomes disjointed. Although the main story is about helping the Yavapai people, each character has their own separate storyline. In addition to the Yavapai story, there is also a romantic story between two gay men and other couples. There is also a story that serves as the starting point for the movement against the Nazis by black people in Europe. As a 7-episode series, cramming so many storylines like this makes the plot feel incomplete, and the storytelling style is not very serious, with some comedic moments, which clashes greatly with the serious content related to the Nazi, which should have been more intense. However, in this story, everything seems too easy, and there is almost no real seriousness with the theme of death happening (although many characters die).

One more thing to criticize is that the title talks about Natsi, but the character Natsi appears very little, almost at the very end, and also has no significant role in the story. He appears for less than 10 minutes and then disappears without any chase or confrontation with the Jewish people. The villain is then replaced by the city police chief and an American diplomat who both refuse to help the Jews, citing America’s neutrality during World War II, which is historically accurate for this period. Before the end of the story, they eventually offer to help, but the two villains are not serious villains, but rather comedic ones, who only add a little bit of obstacle to the story. In the end, the main group completes the mission easily.

Please recreate the production of this story in a retro style. Overall, the replication of various things is considered satisfactory, but compared to the previous work like “Unorthodox,” this story is considered ordinary. It is not as detailed as it should be, which is disappointing.

The good part of this is probably the actors who played well and had charming appearances. Each character had their own characteristics, making them interesting to follow and wondering where their life story would end up. This is more enjoyable than following the main story that was flat and lacked excitement, even though it was based on a true story.

Overall, this series is watchable but not memorable. It doesn’t compare to the team’s previous work, Unorthodox, which was truly worth watching.

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