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[Nimona Review Netflix] Have a wildly fun time with the feisty little monster girl!



An adorable and outstanding animation featuring a feisty young female protagonist who can transform into anything (voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz). Her all the time transformation abilities make the story incredibly entertaining, with hardly any dull moments. With its core being a tale of modern-day knights battling monsters, this story captivates and impresses, making it an animation suitable for viewers of all ages. Highly recommended, don’t miss out!

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  • Telling the story from a contemporary perspective.
  • Voice acting by Chloë Grace Moretz that perfectly suits the character.
  • Portrays LGBTQ+ themes in an open.
  • Smooth animation work.


  • The end clears the easy mess.

Nimona is a science fiction fantasy graphic novel written by American cartoonist ND Stevenson It was adapted into a Netflix animated series by the production studio Annapurna Pictures . The story a knight who is set up to assassinate the kingdom’s queen. He is pursued throughout the kingdom and aided by a girl who can transform into anything to help him.

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Nimona Review (No Spoilers)

The animation tells the legendary tale of noble knights protecting the kingdom, embodying goodness and battling monsters, but from a modern perspective. It transforms the traditional view of good and evil into a fresh narrative that goes beyond expectations. The story begins without a princess as the main protagonist. Instead, both main characters are gay knights in love from the beginning of the story. There is no need to conceal or address any sexual preferences within the story, nor are there any characters discriminating against LGBTQ+ individuals. In recent times, this storyline has transcended into a new era where it no longer plays on the pain and suffering of gay individuals. It self-identity and makes it the core of the narrative. In terms of friendship and the level of trust we can give someone, how long can it last when we discover their true identity may not be what we believed? This animation skillfully connects this theme with the hearts of both gay knights, without resorting to any sexual content (although there are kissing scenes between the couple in the story).

However, if you’re not into the gay romance aspect, there’s no issue because that part of the story is just a side dish. The main focus of the story is on the character Nimona, as the title suggests. It’s the story of a young monster girl a profound heart, voiced by Chloë Grace Moret, who perfectly captures the essence of a feisty young protagonist, reminiscent of her role as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass when she was a child. It also comes with The Banana Splits song in an action scene reminiscent of Kick-Ass. The writer believes it’s not a coincidence but a successful formula that brings back her childhood fame for this story.

All the fun in the story lies in Nimona’s shape-shifting abilities, which she can do at all times. She can transform into small animals like mice, cats, birds, all the way up to gigantic creatures like whales or even dragons, in order to defeat the enemy knights in the kingdom. She aids Ballister Boldheart , the main protagonist knight who has been wronged, by posing as his evil sidekick to befriend her as a menacing monster in the eyes of ordinary people. The story keeps her true identity and the nature of her shape-shifting abilities a secret, and the questions surrounding these aspects are intertwined with the themes of friendship and trust, much like the gay romance aspect of the main character. However, it presents a different perspective on friendship and belief, Due to the belief that monsters are dangerous to humans, and knights are duty-bound to slay them with righteousness. As they embark on adventures together, the knight gradually sees Nimona’s true identity and begins to question the teachings instilled in him since childhood. While this perspective may not be new, the story utilizes it effectively with scenes that play with this theme multiple times, surely leaving an emotional impact on the viewers.

The animation work in this film is exceptionally good. The character design of Nimona is adorable and lively, and the animation is smooth and seamless without any hiccups. It is a high-quality animation. Additionally, this film marks the debut work of Annapurna Animation studio, which adds to its impressive.

Overall, this is a delightful animation that provides a great deal of entertainment throughout the entire film. It also incorporates a fresh perspective that elevates the story and makes it even more impressive. It is an animation suitable for viewers of all ages, and I highly recommend not to miss it.

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