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[Review Unseen] The Turkish remake of the series “FATMA” is better than the original in all aspects.



This is a Netflix series that is a remake and adaptation of the Turkish version called FATMA, set in South Africa and made by the same creator. The main story remains the same in the first half, but the second half introduces new content and expands the storyline for a possible second season, unlike the original version that had a concise ending in six episodes. Overall, the series is not that bad and can be considered enjoyable, but if I were to recommend something better, the Turkish version FATMA would be a better choice as it is superior in all aspects and cannot be compared.

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  • Remake of FATMA by the original creator.
  • Crime Romance Drama


  • The story is expanded too much and doesn’t have a tight ending.
  • The lead actress couldn’t perform as well as before.
  • There is a lack of subtlety that affects the actions of the lead character.
  • The production isn’t as good as it used to be.

Unseen The 6-episode first season of the South African Netflix series tells the story of a cleaning lady from the lower levels of society who is constantly pushed to the brink and becomes a serial killer.

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Review Unseen (Netflix Series)

“This work is a Netflix production that was previously made in Turkey with the title “FATMA“. The Turkish version was extremely well-received in almost all aspects, and is regarded as a series that opens up the world of Turkey to viewers, showcasing the country’s high-quality productions. Many other Turkish series on Netflix are also of very high quality.”

Original FATMA

The fact that Netflix is remaking this story is due to their policy of taking good series from other countries and re-making them to sell to other continents. This has been done quite a few times lately, like with the Korean version of Money Heist or the Indian version of ELITE, and almost all of the remakes use almost all of the same original script. It’s a way to save costs while simultaneously playing it safe. This story is the same as the original version of FATMA, with around 60-70% of the story being the same, especially in the first half where there are exact copied scenes.

However, this matter is different in that it is a work created by the original creator, Ozgur Onurme, who wrote and directed it himself. Since FATMA was originally intended to be only 6 episodes long, with no continuation, when the creator came to work on this project again, he had the opportunity to expand the story, make some characters more important, and remove some of the many loose ends from the original version, in case they are continued in season 2. As a result, the version became less concise, but the story did not end abruptly with many loose ends like before. Additionally, the production and location of the series were not as good as in Turkey, especially in terms of camera angles, as many scenes in the original version were shot beautifully, depicting the beautiful old city of Turkey, which does not exist in Africa. This made the entire story appear dry and uninteresting compared to the original version.

The part that has changed significantly is the original storyline, which was in the psychological drama genre where the environment exerted pressure on the protagonist’s mind and led to her committing a crime. However, in this version, the story has been modified to focus on the situation where the protagonist is forced to survive by killing, and the antagonist’s storyline has been expanded to include a large criminal organization, which is left to be developed in season 2. If someone has not seen the original version before, watching this version may feel like watching a revenge movie for the family, which is different from the original version that was about the protagonist’s mental illness, making it necessary to kill a person who entered without inhibition. The original approach was better as it had more reasons behind it and also included small clues about the past that helped make the reason for the continued murders more reasonable. For example, the protagonist’s child was autistic, but in this version, the child is normal, making this new version almost disappointing, even though it came from the same creator.

Overall, even though the series is not that bad, it can still be considered enjoyable at an okay level. The storyline revolves around an ordinary woman seeking revenge against evil people, which is something that many people may like. However, if you want to watch, I recommend the Turkish version FATMA because it is better in every aspect, and it cannot be compared to the other one.

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